Thursday, August 30, 2012

Try UNREAL Candy (Review and Giveaway) - 9/3

Hey guys!


Today I'm reviewing UNREAL candy.  I'm a BzzAgent, and right now I'm involved in the UNREAL candy campaign. 

UNREAL candy got it's start when two brothers, Kris and Nicky, set out to make a candy that wasn't horrible for you.  Most of the awful chemicals and additives in candy aren't there because they make the candy taste good; they make it cheaper to produce.  What if there was a candy that had real ingredients in it?

They decided their candy could be made with out harmful corn syrup, partially hydrogenated oils, artifical colors, flavors, preservatives, and with 40% less sugar per serving.  And, it should be available in convenience stores and grocery stores, not just in health food stores.  And cost the same as normal candy.


As a member of BzzAgent, I was sent one coupon to try a free UNREAL candy of my choice.    I chose the UNREAL77, or the peanut butter cup flavor.  You can check out the nutrional facts here, but here's the skinny:

  1. 20 calories less than the leading brand of peanut butter cups per serving

  2. 10 grams less sugar

  3. 1 gram less fat

  4.  6 grams less carbs

  5. And 2 more grams per serving of fiber!

    Here's the real test, though.  UNREAL77 actually tasted better to me than the leading brand.  I felt like I got a great treat, and still I managed to eat without putting a bunch of junk into my body.  They are great, and come in five different varieties. 

    You can connect with UNREAL candy on their website here, Facebook here, and Twitter here

    I have four more UNREAL coupons.  You want to win a coupon to try UNREAL candy?  You know you do!  Rafflecopter below.


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